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This is not uni work but it has been a big project for the past year. These are two mockups that the author has done. The book is close to being finished but I think she would like two or three more illustrations. 
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Looking at lockdown comics


I did a little research about lockdown from peoples point of view, but didn't find much inspiration. I rather look inward to who I am and what I care about.
Nature and animals have always been my top priority. Trying to find the best voice to express my passion for them is important to me. 
My comic is from an urban foxes point of view. He was born during lockdown and grows up not seeing people. But one day Lockdown ends for humans and starts for him as he is forced back to the graveyard where he is born.

The book is a big project, so as agreed this is more of a proof of concept.

It's ended up as a blend of multiple techniques we've looked at over the past semester. Paint, dip pen, digital and using composition and different angles to communicate the story with very little words.

Concept and thumbnails






<![CDATA[Life drawing/painting]]>Fri, 05 Nov 2021 11:29:59 GMThttp://florencethornton.grillust.uk/illu5040/life-drawingpaintingVisible progress
First drawing week 1

Last drawing week 3

<![CDATA[Looking at other artists]]>Fri, 22 Oct 2021 17:12:52 GMThttp://florencethornton.grillust.uk/illu5040/taking-things-into-my-own-handsDavid Bellamy the Ansel Adams of watercolour landscapes
Just before uni started, I was at the bookcase rummaging around the art section. To my little hearts content I found the watercolour books.

I opened the first page of a practical guide to painting in the wild. The first line read "Soft snowflakes began to fall gently as I climbed the last few feet to the summit of Red Pike, high above Wasdale." I knew then, this was a combination of my two favourite things, watercolour and walking in the Lake District.

Ansel Adams

David Bellamy

David speaks in his book about the best paintings or even sketches are the ones we feel the mood of the mountains, the emotion of the landscape or indeed the artist. He talks about picking out a detail that peaks our interest and starting with that. I find it's a good way to connect with the sketch. 

This was an attempt at Talking Tarn.
<![CDATA[Week 3]]>Mon, 18 Oct 2021 14:38:11 GMThttp://florencethornton.grillust.uk/illu5040/week-3Here are some photos of my practical life drawing sketches, I didn't manage to take any videos of me doing them because I went in to a coffee shop alone and had nobody to film me.
<![CDATA[Week 2]]>Mon, 18 Oct 2021 14:02:59 GMThttp://florencethornton.grillust.uk/illu5040/week-2The artist on the left is Grisha Kim and they mostly use a thin liner pen for their work. They use a very shaky line and that fives the artwork a slightly blurred visual effect, it can also in some cases be used to portray movement in the passers by. It does also give a fairly realistic feel to the images. The practical use of only using a pen is that you only need a pen and your sketchbook so you can travel light.
You can find their work on their Instagram @
The artist on the right is Dina Brodsky, her "wild" life work mostly consists of nature scenes, but she can also be found doing urban work.
She primarily uses gouache but also uses watercolour from time to time. She doesn't sketch her scene before using paint, she just dives right in! She puts a lot of detail and colour matching in to her work which gives it a wonderful realism look.
You can find her work on instagram @dinabrodsky

Here are a couple examples of work I did inspired by mostly Grisha Kim and their thin liner pen sketches.
<![CDATA[Week 1]]>Mon, 18 Oct 2021 13:52:54 GMThttp://florencethornton.grillust.uk/illu5040/week-1Yann Lesacher is a sketchbook artist based in Brittany in the north of France, and he is famous for his collection of books that document his treks around the north coast of France in a sketchbook style.
He usually uses watercolour in his work but also dabbles with pen, and gouache.

After looking at his work I think that I should practice taking in whole scenes of life. But also I feel like I need to work on basic technical skills like perspective, buildings/architecture, and human anatomy.